Packages Available

3 Day (2 Nights & 3 Days)

  • Two nights lodging in bunkhouses
  • Five “all you care to eat” meals (dinner on day one through breakfast on day three).
  • Use of recreational facilities
  • Meeting room
  • Free gemstone mining bag
  • Recreational Gold Panning
  • Hoedown Barn Party, Campfire, and Hayride for groups of 20+

$115 per person
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5 Day (4 Nights & 5 Days)

  • Four nights lodging in bunkhouses
  • Eleven “all you care to eat” meals (dinner on day one through breakfast on day five).
  • Use of recreational facilities
  • Meeting room
  • Free gemstone mining bag
  • Recreational Gold Panning
  • Hoedown Barn Party, Campfire, and Hayride for groups of 20+

$220 per person
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Call about pricing for retreats under 2 nights and over 4 nights.

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Outdoor Activities in Coker Creek East TN TennesseeNO CHARGE ON SITE ACTIVITIES:

Gold Panning in Coker Creek: Long before anyone had heard of Sutter’s Mill in California, which sparked the great western Gold Rush of 1849, North American gold was discovered about 1799 in North Carolina. The next discovery of gold on this continent was in the mid 1820’s in Coker Creek! Experience and appreciate the thrills of years gone by. Learn to pan in the famous Coker Creek with the assistance of Coker Creek Village staff at scheduled days and times.

Gemstone Mining: Find your heart’s desire in bags of dirt which will yield semi-precious stones in their raw state. This exciting activity is done under covered flumes and each guest gets one bag to try their hand at gem mining! Extra bags may be purchased at a cost of $3/bag.

Hoe Down and Hayride: Staff sponsored events which lead to new friends and new dance steps. Learn to line dance and/or square dance while our staff yells the calls. Sometimes we incorporate “Hillbilly Olympics” which are lots of fun games and contests. And then load up for a nighttime hayride over the trails at Coker Creek Village and a group campfire!

Campfires: Available each night of your stay. Staff will assist with starting a fire and providing the marshmallows. This is a time to share the day’s events, learn more about each other or just enjoy the beauty of the mountains and stars at night.

Swimming Pool: Open during the summer months and staffed with certified life guards. The pool is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in the afternoon for group use.

NEW Disc Golf: We now have an 18 “hole” disc golf course called “Hillbilly Hubcap Disc Golf”. Frisbees are available to check out at the office for those who want to play. There is a $10 per disc refundable deposit required. These are not regulation discs but work well with the course. Groups are encouraged to provide their own discs for disc golf.

Game Fields: Available for all groups to use for any type of group games, i.e., Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, flag football, dodge ball, whiffle ball, soft ball, or capture the flag. We recommend that groups bring their own equipment or check for availability of equipment to check out from Coker Creek Village.

Sand Volleyball and Tether Ball: Both are set up and equipment is available for games when there’s free time.

Rec Barn Activities: Inside our Rec Barn are ping pong, corn hole, shuffle board, four square, all of which are also available during free time. There is a nominal fee for the ping pong balls. There are also tables set up for board games, cards, or just visiting. There are two horseshoes pits outside the Rec Barn.

Gift Shop: Open during the day for groups to browse. Available are souvenirs, t-shirts, books, and other goods as well as snacks. Drink machines are located on the back porch of the Retreat Center.

NO CHARGE OFF SITE ACTIVITIES: (Groups provide their own transportation.)

Coker Creek Falls: Waters of Many Steps. The seven stair step waterfalls on Coker Creek, splashing over carved sandstone, are nestled deep in the soft scenic greenery of the Cherokee National Forest. The falls are 7 miles from Coker Creek Village. Driving time is 15 minutes to the Falls parking lot which is 100 yards from the headwaters of the Falls. Some groups like to hike the 3.2 mile trail along Coker Creek from the Falls to the Hiwassee River. Groups must provide their own transportation to the Falls.

Buck Bald: Offers breathtaking panoramic view of North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia mountains. An ideal spot to enjoy a glorious sunset. Buck Bald is 7 miles from Coker Creek Village. The driving time to the Buck Bald parking lot is 15 minutes. Numerous hiking opportunities are available for those who desire to add this activity to a trip. Groups must provide their own transportation to Buck Bald.

Fort Loudoun State Historic Park/Sequoyah Birthplace Museum: Both are located in Vonore, TN, approximately 40 minutes from Coker Creek Village. They offer an outstanding glimpse into the past, seeing a preserved Fort, the first British fort west of the Appalachian Mountains, as well as the fascinating history of the Cherokee People. A beautiful place for picnics or leisure time.

Ducktown Basin Museum: Located in Ducktown, TN. You may want to visit it prior to rafting or after. Learn all about the copper mining industry in this area.


Horseback Trail Rides: Ride the trails lined with mountain laurel and rhododendron and follow along Historic Coker Creek through the Gold District. Each ride is staff guided. Sessions are 1-1/2 hour each which includes an orientation. ($20/person/ride)

Climbing Tower with Zip Line: 40’ tower with 300’ gravity stop zip line. This element helps individuals conquer fear(s) of heights, with group support, and enhances group communication. This becomes a tool for personal and group development. Camp staff directed. Sessions are 1-1/2 hour each. ($20/person/session)

Mountain Biking: Ride mountain bikes through the Historic Gold District, passing at least one old gold mine, and passing two lakes. Jump streams and pull hills as you experience the mountains in a unique way! Each ride is staff guided. Sessions are 1-1/2 hour each which includes an orientation. ($15/person/ride)

Team Challenge Course: Through staff led initiative games with challenging group elements, we will provide a new look at life by focusing on every day relational skills. For example, watch individuals break through barriers to communication and trust, map individual strengths into a group dynamic, and recognize personal growth. Let us customize this experience by combining your goals with our course and our knowledgeable staff. Sessions are 1-1/2 hour in length. ($15/person/session)

OFF SITE HIGH ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES FOR FEE: (Groups provide their own transportation.) (Prices subject to change.)

Paint Ball: A game in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with paintballs propelled from a device called a paintball marker. Games are played on an outdoor field scattered with natural or artificial terrain, which players use for tactical cover. Rules for playing paintball vary, but can include capture the flag, elimination, ammunition limits, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area. Located about 30 miles from CCV. Sessions are 1-1/2 hour in length. (Call for pricing)

Mountain Top “Downhill” Adventure: Bike or hike the crest of some of the highest peaks in Tennessee! Start near the top of Buck Bald and finish at the Unicoi Turnpike before heading back to camp. Village staff guides the trip. Travel time of 15 minutes to the trail at Buck Bald, with each group providing transportation for their riders. Half day activity. ($35/person/session)

Whitewater Rafting on Ocoee River: Five miles of big waves, continual rapids and non-stop action. Each raft has a guide trained to serve a full helping of safe fun and excitement while offering a broad base of knowledge about this unique river and region. Class III and IV rapids. Mileage to activity is approximately 25 miles one way and each group provides their own transportation. MINIMUM AGE: 12 years old Half day activity. ($30/person/trip)

Hiwassee River: A lazy river experience on a cold river. Experience duckies, rafts or tubes, your choice! Mileage to activity is approximately 25 miles from Coker Creek Village, and each group provides their own transportation. Half day event. Self-guided trips, with at least one Village staffer accompanying each group. Age limit: 8 years old. ($30/person/trip)

Dollywood: Voted the best amusement park in the world in 2010! This all day adventure can be added for groups of 20 or more and makes for a fun experience for kids of all ages! Dollywood is approximately 2 hours from the Village and each group provides their own transportation. (Call for pricing.)

Rock Rappelling and Climbing: Groups can opt to go off site to rock rappel and climb at Look Rock Mountain in the Smoky Mountains! Learn from experienced guides the correct procedures for rappelling as well as climbing rocks and mountains! Mileage to the activity is approximately 60 miles and each group provides their own transportation. A great day adventure to add to any trip! Minimum group size for this activity is 15. ($35/person)

The Lost Sea: Wild Tour at the Lost Sea is an experience like no other! Walk the paths of Indians and moonshiners as you learn the history of the cave and take a boat ride on the largest underground lake in the United States! As you travel through the cave, you’ll have a chance to test your comfort zone by crawling and squeezing through mud trails like “Eye of the Needle,” “The Meat Grinder,” and “Rebirth.” An evening activity which requires old clothes and shoes! The Lost Sea is 25 miles from Coker Creek Village and each group provides their own transportation. For those less adventuresome, the Lost Sea regular walking tour, with the history and boat trip, at a lower price, can be added. Minimum group size for the Wild Tour is 12, Regular Tour—no minimum. ($35/person)

Weddings & Receptions

  • Wedding Reception Venue Coker Creek Village East TN

View/Download/Print Information

  • Retreat Center
    Indoor events. This building will accommodate up to 225 guests.
  • Village Dining Hall
    Indoor events. This building will accommodate up to 225 guests.
  • Coco Belle Stage
    Open outdoor events. This area will accommodate up to 1000 guests.
  • Village Barn
    Covered outdoor events. This building will accommodate up to 700 guests.

Additional outdoor sites are available for smaller events that want mountain or creek views.

CATERING available for all events!

  • From hors d’oeuvres to BBQ to Prime Rib, we can cater for groups and events of all sizes!
  • We have a variety of food selections cooked and prepared on site in our top rated Dining Hall facility.
  • Or bring us your ideal menu and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.
  • Discover your options at reasonable prices for your special event!
  • Kitchen facilities are not available for outside catering.


  • Wedding Director– $25/hour (minimum 2 hours)
  • Event site set up of off site rented tables and chairs ($100)
  • Special transportation (antique autos, horse and buggy or hay wagon from $250 and up.)
  • Parking attendants ($25 per attendant)


  • Coker Creek Village has lodging accommodations for up to 300 guests.
  • Gold Miners Lane cabins are available upon request for $80 per night/double occupancy.
  • Bunkhouse cabins are available for $22 per night per person.
  • Lodging reservations required.

PRICE GUIDELINES FOR EVENT USAGE of one venue*: $1000 (additional fee of $250 for second venue)
The above price for wedding and/or reception includes the following:

  • Rehearsal at event location night before–must be through by 8 PM
  • Day of event, decoration (can begin at 6 AM)
  • Use of Creekside 2 and 4 for wedding party preparations.
  • Reception should be over no later than 3 hours after ceremony.
  • One staff to oversee event and be on call for any emergency
  • Clean-up of facility.

(Contact Coker Creek Village for availability, fees and reservations.)

Included are:

  • Horseback Trail Ride (fee)
  • Mountain Bike Trail Ride (fee)
  • Climbing Tower & Zip Line (fee)
  • Swimming Pool (fee/in season)
  • Team Challenge Course (fee)
  • Paint Ball (fee)
  • Ocoee River Whitewater Rafting (fee)
  • Gemstone Mining (fee)
  • Gold Panning (fee)
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Hiking Trails
  • Disc Golf
  • Tether Ball
  • Sports Fields
  • Ping Pong
  • Corn Hole
  • Shuffle Board


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